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In 2012 new tariffs were announced,. As of now this is not applicable anymore. Since January 1st 2013, the usual tariffs are used, just like before 1st of January 2012. These are called the Uniforme Particuliere Tarieven (UPT) in this case, every dentist in the Netherlands utilizes the same payment model.

Here you will find a PDF file with the rates charged by us: tarieven-tandartsenpraktijk-clingendael-20151215.pdf
For us it is a bit difficult to translate all these codes. Please check the Dutch list; we can always help you  in translating.

Due to the many-implemented codes developed by the Uniform Particulier Tarief (UPT) it might look like that sometimes the declaration is not as transparent as it should be in your eyes.
Sometimes we use rubberdam for a filling, sometimes anaesthesia; for crowns and bridges many treatment modalities are used for various applications

Therefore it is possible that you would receive an expenses sheet for a fairly easy procedure, with many of the UTP codes written down on it. If any clarification is needed, we are happy to inform you more about the codes and costs. If the procedure is more than just a regular one, we will inform you about this beforehand.

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